Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Carpet design over the time

Research is one of the most fundamental and fundamental factors in developing a human system. Today, due to the limitation of the facilities and the lack of time, the most benefit from the lowest capital in the shortest time is the most important goal of any society and system, and it has been proven that this will not be achieved except through fundamental and fundamental research. In every sector. In our growing society, the capital that is abundantly found and its use and gain is not and should not be beneficial, the carpet industry is. Art - an industry that has suffered from some extremes and even death suddenly.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Carpet of Iran and how it is categorized

Persian carpet designs and its decorative drawings, and most importantly their fundamental and maybe their most mysterious concepts, are among the specialty carpets of Iran, which have escaped over the last few decades.

Regarding the proper classification of Iranian carpet weaving, as well as its fundamental foundations, it has not been done so much over the last few years. Gradually, studies have been carried out especially by Iranian experts and researchers who unfortunately still do not have many fans. Rood to present a new world of scientific-artistic classification-the way of Iran's carpet.