Tabriz, City of Art and Culture

Travelling through north-western Iran you will come across the second largest city in Iran, the ancient city of Tabriz. Historically a significant trading centre down the silk route linking the Orient with Europe, Tabriz has been exposed to the cultural influences from different countries and people giving birth to the diverse range of Tabriz rugs. Renowned as one of the oldest and most respected rug producers in the world, Tabriz has previously produced a centuries old rug taking the prize for the most expensive rug at an auction exceeding well over its estimated value and placing many Tabriz carpets at the high end of the international rug trade. Tabriz rugs stand out for their unique shapes including octagonal, oval and on rare occasions diamond and even star shaped rugs can be found. Woven with a double weft generally on a base of fine cotton although occasionally on pure silk, the rugs feature intricate floral motifs, pictorials in the field and dramatic hunting scenes in rich reds, burgundy, navy and the more subdued tones of beige and pink. An exquisite and timeless masterpiece, the Tabriz rugs are a prized investment!

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