Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rugs with a Specific Purpose

 1. Tableau carpet

This beautiful Persian, Tabriz Tableau Rug(Pictorial carpet) is woven in a city called Tabriz. Tabriz is very famous for it’s rug weaving techniques by using double knot. Due to this fact Tabriz rug are best in tableau rug(Pictorial Carpet) and can show lot of details. The quality of Tabriz rug are among the highest & best in the world of rugs. Tableau rug prices typically depend to the # of color and the complexity of the rug.  This beautiful master piece comes with a custom made frame and the picture speaks for it self. This master piece is embossed with dimensional cut.

Total all handmade Rugs

  • Works of art
  • Characterized by their deep pile, close weave, fine yarns, subtle patterns, rich colors and fast dyes.
  • Knotted by hand and cut with a knife at the desired length.

Carpet and Rug Construction

The construction of a rug or carpet determines its surface appearance.

1. Pile – soft, velvety, raised surface produced by making yarn loops on the body of the material.
a) Cut Pile - produced by shearing the loops and untwisting the yarn to achieve the plush effect.
b) Uncut Pile - retains the yarn loops for a pebbly, harder texture
c) Combination Cut and Uncut Pile – uses both types of pile
finishes to create interesting textures and appealing patterns
d) Sculptured Pile - produced by fastening the yarn loops at
different heights so that patterns may be formed.
e) Shaggy Pile – a variation of cut pile where the pile is extra

2. Flat – designates a rug or carpet without pile that has the same surface texture on both sides and that is reversible.