Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rugs with a Specific Purpose

 1. Tableau carpet

This beautiful Persian, Tabriz Tableau Rug(Pictorial carpet) is woven in a city called Tabriz. Tabriz is very famous for it’s rug weaving techniques by using double knot. Due to this fact Tabriz rug are best in tableau rug(Pictorial Carpet) and can show lot of details. The quality of Tabriz rug are among the highest & best in the world of rugs. Tableau rug prices typically depend to the # of color and the complexity of the rug.  This beautiful master piece comes with a custom made frame and the picture speaks for it self. This master piece is embossed with dimensional cut.

2. Prayer Rugs

Carried by the followers of the Moslem religion, were spread on the ground and knelt on during prayer. They have a niche at one end which was placed in the direction of Mecca.

3. Hearth Rugs

With niches at both ends, were family prayer rugs.

4. Mosque or Mecca Rugs

Used as prayer rugs in mosques.
For which the rug makers created their most exquisite designs and produced their finest workmanship.

5. Dowry or Wedding Rugs

Woven by a girl as she grew up, and became part of her dowry when she married.

6. Grave Rugs

Bore the symbol or mourning, the cypress tree, and covered the body before burial and the grave after interment.

7. Saddle Bags

Pouches fastened together by webbing were used to transport cargo on camels.

8. Runners carpet

Long rug strips used as couch coverings.

9. Sample corners carpet

Sections of rug used to display the quality of the weaving to a potential buyer.

10. Floor Coverings carpet

Room-size rugs, scatter rugs, or mats.

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