Sunday, March 9, 2014

Total all handmade Rugs

  • Works of art
  • Characterized by their deep pile, close weave, fine yarns, subtle patterns, rich colors and fast dyes.
  • Knotted by hand and cut with a knife at the desired length.

1. Persian Rugs

Predominantly floral patterns with occasional human or animal figures.

Types (named after towns designs were first made):

a) Tabriz
b) Ardabil
c) Shiraz
d) Kashan
e) Hamadan
f) Kirman
g) Balouch

2.Turkish Rugs
Generally have a simple geometric design with a longer pile and a coarser construction.
a) Bergoma
b) Ladik
c) Ghiordes
d) Koula
e) Milas

3. Caucasian Rugs
Small in size and have geometrical design with sharp outlines in combinations of red, blue and yellow
a) Kabistan
b) Shirvan
c) Kazak
d) Karaja

4. Turkemen Rugs
Characterized by a distinctive center field design of rows of octagonal medallions in red, white, brown, and green and by wide-webbed pileless ends.
a) Bokhara
b) Beshir
c) Tekke
d) Turkoman
e) Samarkand

5. Baluchistan or Baluch Rugs
Similar to Turkoman Rugs with ends of wide webbing and vivid red and brown colors.

6. Indian Rugs
a) Hand-tied –from the District of Lahore, Punjab Province
b) Numdahs - small rugs made of felted goat hair that are hand-emroidered with ‘tree-of-life’, floral, or vine-like patterns
c) Druggets – rugs of simple and colorful designs made from the fleece of white-haired sheep or a mixture of
this fleece and cow hair in a jute backing

7. Chinese Oriental Rugs
Have rich, deep pile with designs concentrated on circles concentrated on circles of flowers and dragons in colors that are predominantly blue or tan.

8. Ethiopian Rugs
Coarse woven rug with triangles in the design of the Abyssinian symbol of happiness.

9. Mexican Serape Rugs
Coarsely woven rug with fringed ends. Traditionally, this kind of rugs was used for Ponchos.

10. Navajo Rugs
American Indian blanket or rugs. Wool colored with vegetable dyes. Designs: zigzags, chevrons, diamonds combined with stripes.

11. Berber Rugs
By the Berber tribes in the Atlas mountains. Natural wool with simple black or brown yarns interwoven to form the design. Primitive. Some have crude geometrics, vivid colors, stripes.

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