Sunday, March 9, 2014

Carpet and Rug Construction

The construction of a rug or carpet determines its surface appearance.

1. Pile – soft, velvety, raised surface produced by making yarn loops on the body of the material.
a) Cut Pile - produced by shearing the loops and untwisting the yarn to achieve the plush effect.
b) Uncut Pile - retains the yarn loops for a pebbly, harder texture
c) Combination Cut and Uncut Pile – uses both types of pile
finishes to create interesting textures and appealing patterns
d) Sculptured Pile - produced by fastening the yarn loops at
different heights so that patterns may be formed.
e) Shaggy Pile – a variation of cut pile where the pile is extra

2. Flat – designates a rug or carpet without pile that has the same surface texture on both sides and that is reversible.